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YouTube limits HDR video playback quality to 1080p on all mobile apps


Google’s online video streaming platform YouTube has capped the HDR streaming quality option to 1080p for all the smartphones using its mobile app. Users will now be able to watch a video of only up to 1080p instead of the previous HDR (High Dynamic Range) quality of 1440p.

Google had recently released the 2K HDR feature for the mobile apps of YouTube, but because of performance issues the company has completely removed the option from all the mobile app. According to a report on Android Police, the 1440p videos often ‘stuttered’ with dropped frames in the mobile app. According to the report, the decision to completely remove the 1440p video playback option was taken because of the companies inability to fix the problem or the flagship devices were not capable enough to play high quality videos. So, the current maximum option for HDR video is 1080p on the YouTube mobile app.

The company recently revamped its mobile app and logo. The new YouTube app includes a clean design language, gesture to move the video around and ability to perform functionalities like rewind and fast forward. The new update has also added the ability to control the playback speed of the video on the mobile app.

The videos automatically change their shape to give the best viewing experience to the user according to the way he/she is holding the device.