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YouTube for iOS Gets Google Cardboard Support


Google has just updated its YouTube app in the App Store, finally bringing Google Cardboard support to iOS users. This update gives iPhone users the ability to watch YouTube videos in VR mode through the Cardboard.

This ability has been there for Android users since November last year, and YouTube has finally introduced it for iPhone users as well. iPhone users will now be able to slip in their iPhones into the Cardboard slot and enjoy the 3D immersive experience.

YouTube first introduced 360-degree video support in March last year. With this, 360 video creators could upload their pre-recorded videos on YouTube, and viewers could pan and see other angles in 360-degree videos by moving their handset around. On the desktop, users could watch by clicking the mouse on the video and dragging it to the desired angle. In April, YouTube went on to introduce support for live streaming of 360-degree videos as well.

This opens up new creative avenues for YouTube content creators, and even event organisers who can now live stream important concerts and programs in 360 degrees. Bringing Google Cardboard support for iPhone users will further broaden its user base, and more viewers will now be able to consume 360-degree video on YouTube through virtual reality headsets for a more immersive experience.
This YouTube iOS update comes just a week after Google updated the video streaming app with bug fixes. The last update fixed bugs that prevented the loading of more videos on Home Page after scrolling till the bottom. It also brought the ability to automatically play the next recommended video on the app.