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YouTube for Android Receives Dynamic Player That Adapts to Square, Vertical Videos


YouTube for Android has now received an update with a dynamic player that adapts to the shape of videos. The same experience was showcased in June last year and released for iOS devices in December. It doesn’t come through a version update, but users need to have the latest YouTube app on their devices to watch square and vertical video content without any black bars.

Up until now, YouTube for Android has been offering compatibility for traditional, horizontally-shot videos, while videos in square and vertical shapes were available with black bars. The latest change uplifts that experience by adjusting the videos dynamically – no matter which device you are using and with which aspect ratio. “Now the YouTube player will automatically adapt to the shape of the video you’re viewing, so you can see more of your favourite videos!” the YouTube team tweeted on Monday.

The arrival of the dynamic player on YouTube for Android opens new avenues for creators producing square or vertical videos. At the same time, it apparently makes YouTube a more friendly platform for the next-generation video content that has so far largely been shared via Snapchat and Instagram. You can experience the difference by playing a square or vertical video. As you scroll the page, the oddly seen video will transform into the traditional horizontal shape to give you a full view without any black bars.

The feature is rolling out to Android in phases. At the time of filing this story, we weren’t able to see the new player on some of our Android devices. Therefore, you may have to wait for sometime to get the new experience on your Android device.