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Yepzon Freedom and Yepzon One Personal GPS Trackers Launched in India


Finnish startup Yepzon has launched its duo of personal GPS trackers in India. The company is positioning the Yepzon One and Yepzon Freedom as safety devices for use by kids and women respectively, though they can be used to trace the location of pets, objects like cars, or pretty much anything else.

Both Yepzon One and Yepzon Freedom – priced at Rs. 3,999 and Rs. 5,999 respectively – are GPS trackers that are capable of reporting their location back to your smartphone via a built-in SIM. In India, the Yepzon devices will ride on Vodafone’s network for cellular connectivity, but the users won’t need to worry about recharging or maintaining another number. The Yepzon duo come with a free one-year subscription, and after that users will need to pay Rs. 100 per month, a price that includes cost of the cellular connectivity.


Yepzon One is a GPS tracker without any buttons that is designed to be worn by kids or pets, while the keychain-shaped Yepzon Freedom has a SOS button that will alert your emergency contact with your location when pressed three times. Yepzon claims the devices take 3 to 6 seconds to lock-in their location and report it at up to 3 metre accuracy. Apart from GPS, Yepzon Freedom is capable of using Wi-Fi indoor positioning to try and detect your location indoors where GPS connection may not be available.

The companion app lets you customise things like how often the tracker automatically reports back its location, something that will have an impact on the battery life. If you set to the trackers to report their location every few minutes, you may need to recharge them every 3-4 days, but with features like intelligent motion detection, which reports back your location only when you are moving, Yepzon claims you can go “several weeks” in between charges. The Yepzon Freedom can also operate in a mode where it doesn’t report back location until you press the SOS button. Both devices can be recharged using the built-in Micro-USB port.

The Yepzon One and Yepzon Freedom are now available via Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.