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Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook leaks, hints at 11-inch and 13-inch models


Xiaomi loves to follow Apple’s footprints and this year it might launch another product which will resemble the engineering marvel from Apple. The Mi Notebook or the Xiaomi laptop is said to launch this year which will look very similar to Apple’s MacBook. Thanks to the latest leaks, we now have some solid info about the upcoming product.

According to sources, the new line of notebook from Xiaomi will feature a 11-inch as well as a 13-inch variant. The specifications of one of the laptops have been leaked, which includes the latest Intel 6th-generation Core i7-6500 CPU with 8GB of RAM running on Windows 10. There is also a speculation that both the laptops will feature similar hardware, but the 13-inch variant will offer a wider range of I/O ports. Oh and don’t expect a touchscreen in either of the machines.

You can however expect a USB Type-C port, which is slowly appearing in a number of laptops ever since Apple introduced it on the super slim 12-inch MacBook. The new I/O port not only transfers data faster than USB 3.0 but can also charge devices faster delivering up to 100 watts of power.

Sources claim that Xiaomi is all set to showcase the two new notebooks on 27 July the same day as the Mi Note 2, but since all of the information is rumoured, you should probably keep your hopes under control.