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Xiaomi Smart Home Products Get Google Assistant Support, Coming Soon to the US


Xiaomi on Friday announced that its range of smart home products will now get Google Assistant support, allowing users to control these products using Google Home smart speakers or the Google Assistant app on smartphones and tablets. Apart from that, its initial selection of gadgets including Mi Bedside Lamp, Mi LED Smart Bulb, and Mi Smart Plug are coming to the US market shortly – starting with the Mi Bedside Lamp in May. Xiaomi revealed these developments, in an official blog post.

The Mi Bedside Lamp might look like it but it isn’t an ordinary table lamp. It has a claimed 16 million colour customisations and, thus, can be configured for different environments, moods, or user preferences. It has a touch-sensitive panel on top and, now, Google Assistant can be used to operate the Bedside Lamp through voice control.

Next, the Mi LED Smart Bulb also supports 16 million colours. With voice commands via Google Assistant, users can control switching it on and off, brightness, and colour temperature remotely. Lastly, the Mi Smart Plug can be used to turn regular gadgets into smart home products. Using Wi-Fi, the Mi Smart Plug allows users to turn power on and off devices using an app or users can just ask the Google Assistant to remotely control their newly-converted smart gadgets.

“Xiaomi’s unique ecosystem approach has created a comprehensive suite of products that are centered on our smartphones and include mobile peripherals, smart hardware and lifestyle products ranging from rice cookers to fitness trackers. Currently, Xiaomi has invested in more than 90 IoT and lifestyle companies and, together, we have been able to make a positive impact on many industries,” said the Chinese electronics giant in a statement.