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Xiaomi Mi Polarised Wayfarer, Mi Polarised Aviator Launched in India via Crowdfunding


Xiaomi has expanded its Mi Crowdfunding programme in India by bringing the Mi Polarised Wayfarer and Mi Polarised Aviator Sunglasses. While the Mi Polarised Wayfarer sunglasses are available under crowdfunding with a goal of 800 units at Rs. 699, the Mi Aviators come with a bigger goal of 1,200 units at Rs. 899. Xiaomi says that the sunglasses are available Rs. 300 less than their original prices. Both are touted to offer 100 percent protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays up to 400 nanometres to protect your eyes under bright sunlight.

Alongside UV400 Protection to reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays, the Xiaomi Mi Polarised Wayfarer and Polarised Aviators both have an O6 layered lens technology that is designed to eliminate glare and polarised light. The glasses available on the sunglasses are also scratch resistant and are claimed to minimise glare alongside enhancing contrast.

The Xiaomi Mi Wayfarer glasses come with a flexible TR90 frame, whereas the Mi Aviators have a 304H Metal frame. The Mi Wayfarer glasses come in Blue and Grey colour options. The Mi Polarised Aviators, on the other hand, are available in Blue and Green colour options.

As Xiaomi Global Vice President and India Head Manu Kumar Jain tweeted on Saturday, the Mi Polarised Wayfarer and Mi Polarised Aviators are available under the Mi Crowdfunding programme. Xiaomi has brought the Mi Polarised Wayfarer with a goal of 800 units. At the time of filing this story, the goal was already successfully completed. However, the Mi Polarised Aviators are yet to complete the goal of 1,200 units.

You can visit the Mi.com website to participate in the ongoing crowdfunding. The sunglasses will start shipping in the country from January 1.

To recall, Xiaomi launched its Mi Crowdfunding programme in India back in April. The programme is aimed to help the company decide which products it should bring to the country. It initially brought the Mi Selfie Stick Tripod and Bluetooth Audio Receiver under the Mi Crowdfunding programme that both debuted in the country in May after receiving a successful response from the initial crowdfunding.