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Xbox One X Standard Edition Pre-Orders Now Open


Microsoft has announced that the standard edition of the Xbox One X is available for pre-order right now. This follows the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition – a limited edition variant that could be pre-ordered during Gamescom 2017.

Now, the standard edition Xbox One X can be pre-ordered from a host of retailers including New Egg, Amazon US, and others such as Microsoft’s own store. It’s just not the US either, the Xbox One X pre-orders are live in Europe too through sites such as Amazon Germany. The Xbox One X price is $499 (around Rs. 32,000) and releases internationally on November 7.

Despite Microsoft’s Albert Penello labelling this as a global launch with pre-orders opening “around the world”, India gets nothing.

Xbox One X India pre-orders
We reached out to the company for its India plans, and received the following statement from a Microsoft India spokesperson:

“In regard to your query regarding S and X launch in India, we’re always working on bringing Xbox One S to our Xbox markets across the world as quickly as possible. However, similar to other products sold around the world, ship dates and product availability vary by market. We’ll certainly be in touch when we have any local launch news to share on these devices.”

So if you reside in India and want to order the Xbox One X, you could do so from the aforementioned websites and use our handy import guide.

Keep in mind that you will be paying a premium though. Considering that Microsoft’s India plans for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S are yet to be known, this could be a better option if you’re hankering for the latest and greatest from Redmond.