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Windows 10 Store Update Adds Remote Xbox One App Installs


Microsoft has updated the Windows Store for Windows 10 PCs to allow remote installs of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps on the Xbox One. What this means is, you can now select apps to install to your Xbox One when using the Windows Store on Windows 10 computers. There are minor UI changes too to allow for a thinner download bar and viewing the download speed is possible too.

“There is still no official changelog from Microsoft, but both the new download progress bar and the option to remotely install Xbox One apps from PC are delivered in a version 11703.1001.45.0 update to the Windows Store,” claims Windows tracking site OnMSFT.

At the moment, you could access the Xbox Store via browser and remote install games to your Xbox One provided your console is connected to the Internet. This is not possible via the Windows Store app on Windows 10 PCs just yet — the feature is only available for UWP apps. It’s just a matter of time before games are added.

How these incremental changes impact Microsoft’s Xbox One hardware lineup – including the yet-to-be-released Xbox Scorpio – remain to be seen. Chances are the complete convergence of Windows and Xbox Stores is a given before it hits the shelves.

Earlier in the month, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 S — a pared down version of the Windows 10 OS which allowed apps to be installed via the Windows Store alone. While this would ensure entry into the lucrative education market, it’s quality of life updates like this that would ensure its longevity.