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Win a Xiaomi Mi 5 at Re 1 and more in Mi India’s second anniversary celebrations


Xiaomi is celebrating the second anniversary of Mi India by giving away a handful of devices for Re 1 and offering significant discounts on their product range.

The company is offering limited units of the Mi 5, Redmi Note 3, Mi Max, Mi Bluetooth speaker, Mi Band 1A and 20,000mAh Mi Power bank for Re 1 on between July 20 and July 22. You’ll need to pre-register to participate.

Xiaomi says that the Re 1 flash sales will start at 2PM every day. Only 10 phones of each type and 100 units of each accessory will be sold at Re 1.

Discounts will be offered on popular devices as well. The Mi 5’s price drops down to Rs 22,999, the Mi 4’s price to Rs 10,999 and even the Mi Bluetooth speaker gets a price drop to Rs 1,999.


If that wasn’t enough, Xiaomi’s also announced a new line-up of accessories for 2016. This includes a 10,000mAh power bank, capsule earphones and the Mi in-ear Pro headphones which feature balanced armature drivers.

That’s still not all. If you use the Mi Store app, you’ll get a whole bunch of exclusive deals and freebies. Buying a Mi 5 Gold will get you a Mi in-ear headset for example. Xiaomi also say they will issue coupons worth Rs 1 crore and that one lucky user who uses the Mi Store app will get a free, Xiaomi TV.

“We are truly excited to be celebrating the second birthday of Mi India. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey. Mi India has received an incredible amount of love and support for all of our products starting with Mi 3 to the recently-launched Redmi Note 3, Mi 5 and Mi Max. The continued success of all these products has helped us become an integral part of fabric of India. We could not have asked for more. As we continue our India journey, we promise to introduce even more high-quality, disruptive products in the market to bring innovation to everyone,” says Manu Jain, India Head, Xiaomi.