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Wildcraft introduces Spot, an intelligent GPS tracking wearable


Wildcraft has just entered the wearable technology space in India, with a GPS tracking tag that can be worn as a band or attached to bags. The band comes bundled with a smartphone app available on iOS and Android. The wearable is meant for tracking and recording personal travels as well as the real time locations of loved ones.

There is an SOS button which quickly sends messages to a preset list of contacts if there is an emergency. Another feature is an alert on the app if a particular tag leaves a defined safe zone.

A typical usage scenario for this feature would be a tag attached to a school student’s bag. If the student strays too far away from the home or the school, the tag will alert the parents, as well as show the real time location. Finally, there is also a one way calling feature, and the tracker can be used as a one way phone in a fix.

Spot costs Rs 5,995, and can be purchased at the Wildcraft web site. The device requires a SIM card with a data package, and the ability to send SMS. Network access is a prerequisite for the app to work. The Spot kit contains one charger, one tracker, one backpack clip, one wrist band and one power on/off pin.