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WhatsApp to introduce photo albums, updates to text status and live location feature


Whatsapp is working on introducing an ‘Album’ feature for its users on Android and iOS, there is no word on the feature coming to Windows Phone. The ‘Album’ feature’ collapses all the photos to make them seem like the ‘Album’ post on Facebook where you can see the first four images at once. All other images are bundled inside with a numbered overlay on the fourth image informing about the number of images bundled inside.

Once you tap the Album, it will open to show you all the images that are part of the album. This feature will greatly reduce the flood of images in the conversation or groups if a person shared more than five images at once. This feature is hidden at the moment in the beta Android and iOS versions of the app but it is expected that this feature will be enabled soon

The second feature that the company is working on is the introduction of ‘Text statuses’ in the ‘Status’ tab. This comes as a welcome addition for users who would not want to post photos on their statuses. Currently, this feature allows you to change the background colour of the status updates and you can reply to the messages as usual.

The developers have also improved ‘Live Location’ sharing option so that you can see the locations of your WhatsApp contacts on a map. The interface also shows the speed of your contacts are they are moving. These new features come days after WhatsApp added support for SiriKit that allowed users to use Siri to check their new messages.