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Truecaller Voice VoIP Calling Feature Announced, Now Rolling Out on Android


Truecaller was spotted testing a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling service for its premium subscribers earlier this month, letting users make a voice call over mobile data or Wi-Fi network. Truecaller has now officially announced the eponymous app’s VoIP calling feature that goes by the name ‘Truecaller Voice’. Thanks to the Truecaller Voice button in the app, users can now make voice calls over mobile data or Wi-Fi network to their contacts on the same platform. Truecaller’s VoIP calling feature is now being rolled out in a staged manner and will soon be made available to all Truecaller app users on the Android platform.

The company claims that Truecaller Voice will allow users to make ‘free, high quality (HD), low latency’ VoIP calls that will be connected quickly over mobile data or Wi-Fi network. For the sake of convenience, the Truecaller Voice shortcut has been added to in-app locations such as call logs, SMS Inbox, contact profile, and after call screen.

When the feature was spotted testing last week, it was thought to be limited to Truecaller Premium subscribers. But it now appears that Truecaller Voice will be made available to all Truecaller app users on the Android side of the mobile ecosystem. In an official press release, Truecaller has revealed that rollout of Truecaller Voice began on June 10, 2019 and it is currently underway in a phased manner.

So, if you have the Truecaller app installed on your Android phone and are yet to see the Truecaller Voice shortcut, rest assured that it will arrive soon. Also, the feature won’t require a Truecaller Premium or Premium Gold subscription, as it will be made available to all Truecaller users on Android. We have received confirmation from Truecaller that the VoIP calling feature will make its way to the app’s iOS version as well, but there is no word when that will happen.