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Tips to stay cool this summer

Lemon-WaterWith the weather in the city turning hot and sultry, it is a good time to increase your intake of fluids and take special precautions if spending long hours outdoors.

Drinking the right kind of fluids is important. Water is the best option and carrying a bottle with you while travelling will prove beneficial. While we all love our daily cup of chai and coffee, try to keep caffeine drinks to a minimum. They may quench your thirst but do not give the necessary salts and nutrients the body needs. Further, energy drinks are full of sugar. Stick to nimbu paani or fresh fruit juices.

Keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day is important. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, keep sipping on liquids in between. For those who indulge in rigorous outdoor exercises, taking a water break every twenty minutes is essential.
Be aware of the signs that your body is giving out. Notice if your heart rate is increasing or if the colour of your urine is darker than before. If yes, get out of the sun and start consuming the right foods.

Dehydration usually happens when the body has lost too much fluid and electrolytes (the salts potassium and sodium). Keep your electrolyte levels in check, by consuming chicken broth or soups. Eating salads rich in fresh fruits, and vegetables can help. Coconut water and aam panna is good too.