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This App Helps You Find Vehicle Registration Details With Just One Tap


Finding the details of an errant driver on the road is a pain, but a new app aims to make the process easier. Named ‘Car Info Vehicle Registration’, the app can be used to find the details of all types of vehicles registered with the Regional Transport Office of India (RTO India), including cars, motorcycles, autos, trucks, etc.

After entering the registration number of the vehicle, you can find details such as the owner’s name, date and city of registration, vehicle class, make & model, age, fuel type, engine number, and chassis number. The data is seemingly extracted from public records; however, the easy availability of the engine and chassis number may be a cause of concern for some. There is no associated address or phone number on the app.

The Car Info Vehicle Registration app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is quite easy to use. On opening the app, you will be asked to enter the vehicle registration number, which will provide you with the requisite details. The bottom third of the screen shows the last two models you searched and in-app advertisements. Hitting the ‘View All’ button next to Recent Searches will show you all the vehicles whose details you looked up.
The app has a share button, which lets you share the details of the vehicles you have searched for. There’s not much else to the Android app, while the iOS app gets support for 3D Touch, which lets you search for a new vehicle and check out the details of your recent searches. The 3D Touch interface also has a share button right on top, but that allows you to only share the app’s link with others, not the details of the vehicles you looked up. For that, you will have to take the long way around and open the app.

While testing the database, we found that Car Info Vehicle Registration app had the details of most of the vehicles we looked up, but not all. While all the models older than one year that we searched for were on the database, some new models could not be found. Surprisingly, the app gave us the details of cars that were just three month old, but not those that were registered in November 2015.

The app can be used to find the basic details of a vehicle for second-hand buyers, as well as just to search the details of vehicles in road accidents. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways already lets anyone look up the same information via a web search, while vehicle owners with registered phone numbers can receive the details via SMS as well.