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The Blueberry Hunt


A man with an unknown identity grows highly potent and valuable marijuana variant called Blueberry Skunk in his remote estate bordering the jungles in Kerala as a last chance to get rich. When his precious crop gets ready for harvest his life turns upside down.

A highly anticipated feature film in India, The Blueberry Hunt has Naseeruddin Shah portraying the title role of a man with many names. Naseeruddin Shah’s performance in The Blueberry Hunt will be considered as one of the greatest performances in his storied career, as well as a textbook example on how a master actor portrays a character where we do not know any of the characters back-story or history.

Characters of the film speak in many Indian languages reflecting the diversity of the country – English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi.

Director: Anup Kurian
Writer: Anup Kurian
Musician: D Dheena Dayalan