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Tata Sky Revises 25 Regional Language Channel Packs, Prices and Channel Count Affected


Tata Sky has reportedly revised 25 of its popular regional language channel packs. The revised packs include the Gujarati Regional, Hindi Starter HD, Tamil Family Sports, Telugu Family Sports, and Kannada Family Sports among others. While some of the Tata Sky packs have seen a price drop, other have seen a price rise. Notably, the latest revision comes days after Tata Sky dropped the prices of its HD and SD set-top box in India. The DTH operator also recently started offering four new Broadcaster packs with a starting price of Rs. 49.

As per the revision that can be seen through the listing on the official Tata Sky website, the Gujarati Regional pack that was previously available at Rs. 7 is now provided at Rs. 8.49. The Tamil Family Sports pack has also been revised from Rs. 267 to Rs. 254.27. Tata Sky has also updated the Telugu Family Sports pack that usually comes at Rs. 285 to Rs. 282.

Other popular packs to see revisions include Hindi Starter, Hindi Starter HD, Kannada Family Sports, Kannada Family Sports HD, Kannada Smart, Malayalam Basic, Malayalam Family Sports HD, Tamil Family Kids Sports, Tamil Premium Sports and English, Tamil Regional HD, Tamil Telugu Basic, Telugu Family Sports HD, and Telugu Kannada Basic.

Revised Tata Sky regional packs and their updated prices

Tata Sky pack Latest price
Gujarati Regional Rs. 8.49
Tamil Family Sports Rs. 254.27
Telugu Family Sports Rs. 282.02
Kannada Family Sports Rs. 259.30
Telegu Family Sports HD Rs. 434.24
Kannada Family Sports HD Rs. 401.49
Malayalam Family Sports HD Rs. 315.65
Tamil Family Kids Sports Rs. 269.91
Telugu Family Kids Sports Rs. 297.65
Kannada Family Kids Sports Rs. 274.94
Tamil Family Kids Sports HD Rs. 439.83
Telugu Family Kids Sports HD Rs. 449.87
Kannada Family Kids Sports HD Rs. 417.13
Malayalam Family Kids Sports HD Rs. 331.28
Tamil Premium Sports English Rs. 444.96
Telugu Premium Sports English Rs. 443.20
Tamil Telugu Basic Rs. 237.75
Tamil Kannada Basic Rs. 230.50
Tamil Malayalam basic Rs. 184.18
Telugu Kannda Basic Rs. 235.82
Kannada Malayalam Basic HD Rs. 311.34
Tamil Regional HD Rs. 161.76
Hindi Starter Rs. 96.99
Hindi Starter HD Rs. 109.38
Kannada Smart Rs. 96.00

Telecom Talk first spotted the changes in the major Tata Sky regional packs in the country. The blog also said that the number of channels available through the Gujarati Regional, Tamil Family Sports, and Telugu Family Sports packs had also been increased.

As mentioned, we were able to confirm the revision through the Tata Sky website. The addition of new channels to the revised regional packs was, however, not mentioned on the official portal at the time of filing this story.

Just last week, Tata Sky dropped the prices of its HD and SD set-top box. The DTH operator also partnered with Amazon to launch its digital content-centric Tata Sky Binge service. Moreover, it recently added four new Broadcaster packs to its bouquet with a starting price of Rs. 49.