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Tata Motors granted patent for auto start/stop technology


Tata Motors has received a patent for a unique auto start/stop technology, which will be implemented in future models featuring a manual transmission (MT). It’s unclear as to when Tata will start equipping the system in their product range though.

Unlike a regular start/stop system that switches off the engine after slotting the gear lever to neutral and releasing the clutch, Tata’s start/stop tech will automatically turn off the engine when the vehicle is at standstill.

It uses an electronic controller that interacts with various sets of sensors to read input such as vehicle speed, engine speed, clutch and brake pedal positions. After the vehicle comes to a complete halt, the electronic controller detects if the engine is running, followed by determining if the engine speed is at idle speed. Accordingly, the system will shut off the engine.

This system was invented in consideration of the fact that most drivers keep the clutch depressed and transmission slotted to a driving gear at standstill which, in a regular start/stop system, does not switch off the engine, thus witholding fuel saving benefits of the said system.