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Tamatar Dhania Ka Shorba


You could use some besan in the mix in case you like your shorba thicker than usual.

Tomato, roughly chopped (2 cups)
Curry leaves (kadipatta) (3 to 4)
Gram flour (besan) (1 tsp)
Lal Mirch Red Chilli Powder (1 tbsp)
Black mustard seeds (sarson) (1 tsp)
Cumin seeds (jeera) (1 tsp)
Salt (to taste )
Sugar (2 tsp)
Lemon juice (2 tsp)
Ghee (1 tbsp)
Coriander leaves (hara dhania), chopped (1 tbsp)

Boil 2 cups of water in a kadhai and add the chopped tomatoes to it. Keep cooking for 5 minutes. Do not strain the mixture.

Meanwhile, dissolve the besan in a cup of water.

Now, add the curry leaves and the Lal Mirch Red Chilli Powder into the tomato mixture. Blend it in a mixer-grinder to get a smooth paste or purée.

Transfer this smooth paste into a kadhai and bring to a boil.

As soon as it comes to a boil, add in the besan mixture along with some sugar and lemon juice.

Mix all the ingredients and keep heating on a low flame for about 3 minutes. Keep aside.

For the tempering, heat ghee in a small pan and toss in the sarson and jeera. As they start to crackle, quickly pour the tempering onto the shorba. Mix well.

serving tip
Garnish it with hara dhania and serve hot.