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Egg rolls are loved throughout the world and when it gets a twist of your favourite seasoning, it just can’t get better. These Korean style egg rolls called Tamagoyaki are going to give a twist to your taste buds. An easy to make breakfast, you can easily prepare this lip-smacking egg recipe which is nutritional at the same time.

6 egg
2 tablespoon carrot
2 tablespoon spring onions
black pepper as required
2 tablespoon milk
2 tablespoon onion
salt as required

Step 1
Add eggs, milk and salt in a bowl and whisk until it combines properly. Pass the mixture through a fine sieve to make it a pure liquid mixture without any lumps.

Step 2
Chop the carrot, onion and spring onion in a bowl. Now, take the mixture and add carrot, onion, spring onion, and pepper and stir to mix properly.

Step 3
Take a fry pan and grease it with vegetable oil. Heat the frying pan and add half of the egg mixture. Heat it over low flame.

Step 4
Roll the omelette from the your side to the middle. Take this roll and move it on one side of the pan. Grease the pan again if you feel that there is less oil. Add the the egg mixture that is left over and repeat the process to make it into a roll.

Step 5
Move the roll to a cutting board, and cut the rolls in small pieces which. Serve hot with ketchup or chutney.