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Strawberry Milkshake


Strawberry Milkshake prepared with this recipe is simply heaven because it uses bare minimum ingredients like fresh strawberries, milk and ice cream to bring out three good qualities of any shake; fresh, creamy and flavorful. However, if you are looking forward to make it a bit different or give it a custom touch, then tips and variations provided below with help you make it the way you want it to be.

6-8 (fresh or frozen) Ripe Strawberries (approx. 1 cup halved Strawberries)
1/2 cup Milk
1/2 cup Ice Cream (Vanilla or Strawberry)
1 teaspoon Honey or Sugar, optional

Wash the strawberries and pat dry them. Remove stems and cut into halves.

Add milk, ice cream and halved strawberries in a blender jar. If you like, you can add 1 teaspoon sugar or honey for extra sweetness.

Blend until smooth puree. Pour it into serving glasses. Garnish with strawberry and serve.

Tips and Variations:
– Use frozen strawberries to make thick milkshake.
– Add more ice cream and less milk make it thicker and creamier.
– This recipe does not prepare very sweet shake to allow strawberry flavor to be strong. However, if you like sweeter taste, then increase the quantity of sugar according to your taste.

Taste: Sweet and creamy

Serving Ideas: Strawberry shake prepared with milk and honey is a best drink for kids party. Savor its flavorful taste and creamy texture as breakfast drink or party drink.