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Steamed Bhindi Sabzi


Made with okra (bhindi) and crushed garlic, Steamed Bhindi Sabzi is an easy-to-make side dish recipe which is sure to be loved by people of all age groups. Ideal as a lunchbox recipe, this Bhindi Sabzi goes well when paired with parathas or rotis. Bhindi is quite enjoyed and relished by kids, so you can pack this easy recipe in their tiffin too. Roll it in a paratha and just place it in their lunchbox. Your kids will shower you with praises and compliments. You can prepare this Steamed Bhindi recipe on special occasions like family-get togethers and office pot lucks. This bhindi recipe is made using generous quantities of garlic, which adds a piquant aroma and flavour to the dish.

200 gm okra
1/4 teaspoon powdered black pepper
1 pinch salt
3 cloves crushed garlic
1/2 teaspoon refined oil

Step 1
To prepare this bhindi recipe, wash the bhindi under cold running water and pat dry with a kitchen towel completely. Once done, chop the bhindis into small round pieces.

Step 2
Then add oil in a non-stick pan and heat it over medium flame. Once the oil is sufficiently hot, add the chopped bhindi and salt in it. Cook the bhindi on a low flame and keep stirring continuously. After a while, cover the pan with a lid and allow the bhindi to cook in some steam.

Step 3
Check after few minutes. Once the bhindi is almost done, sprinkle pepper powder and toss it once again. Switch off the gas once the bhindi is properly cooked. Transfer it in a serving bowl and pair it with with hot rotis.