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Soon you could run 2 instances of Chrome side-by-side with Android N


Google announced some new and interesting features like Daydream at its I/O event. What it didn’t mention are all those new and interesting bits in the Android N Developer Preview 3. While the recently discovered Freeform windows makes split-screen look boring, there is another much awaited feature that makes its way into third version of the Developer Preview which includes running the Chrome browser in two windows side by side.

Indeed this is something that is not available on Apple’s new iPad Pro models as well. You can run Safari in one window and run Chrome in the other but not the same app in split screen. Similar was the problem on Android, but Google indeed came prepared and as Android Police points out, it is now possible.

This new option (in split-screen mode) lets you drag one Chrome tab on to the second space letting you use two Windows from the same Chrome app. More importantly, Android N will remember the two instances even if you exit the multi-windows mode which is pretty cool.

Obviously the discovery has left everyone wondering whether the same feature will be open (or available) for other apps as well. Turns it is possible, but developers will have to enable the same.

Indeed all of this does point to Android N on a tablet becoming a lot more useful and productive than past iterations.