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Sony Launches Premium KD-65Z9D 4K HDR TV at Rs. 5,04,900


Sony has launched the new KD-65Z9D 4K HDR TV in India, with a price tag of Rs. 5,04,900. The high-end LED television set features a 4K screen and high dynamic range compatibility, allowing you to watch HDR-mastered video which has better colour and contrast than ordinary standard dynamic range video. The Z9D joins the X9300D and X9350D ranges, which also offer HDR technology, 4K displays, and smart connectivity, albeit at a much more affordable price.

The KD-65Z9D’s biggest improvements over the X93 range come in the form of better processing technology for HDR and SDR content. The TV features Sony’s new X1 Extreme 4K HDR processor and Backlight Master Drive technology, which work together to ensure better HDR performance, improved contrast and a wider colour range. Sony claims that the new X1 Extreme processor offers 40% more real-time image processing to deliver a better picture and ensure proper HDR and 4K performance.

Backlight Master Drive is a backlight boosting technology aimed at expanding brightness and contrast to ensure that the potential of HDR video files is fully reached. Other technologies included in the TV are object-based HDR remaster, super bit mapping 4K HDR, and X-tended Dynamic Range Pro. All of these technologies are also meant to enhance the picture with standard dynamic range content, allowing it to come as close to HDR content as possible in terms of colours, brightness, contrast and sharpness.

Additionally, the TV is smart-capable, and is powered by the latest version of Android TV based on Android Marshmallow. The TV also features Netflix and Google Play connectivity, with direct access buttons for both services on the remote itself. It’s also possible to do voice searches and inputs directly from the remote.

The Sony KD-65Z9D comes soon after the launch of the X93D range, which although excellent, was not quite as capable as the Samsung 65KS9000 TV when it came to HDR performance and upscaling standard dynamic range content to near HDR quality. Sony’s new processing and picture enhancing technology in the Z9D is expected to improve performance, but the TV does not offer any other new features over and above the X93D range. The KD-65Z9D is open for pre-booking from October 15 onwards at all Sony Center stores, and will be available to buy from October 20 onwards.