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Skype App Update Makes It Easier to Place Calls; Brings New Options for Voicemail


Back in July, Skype announced that the company was “focused on transitioning Skype from peer-to-peer to a modern, mobile friendly cloud architecture.” Now, in a move that seems in line with its earlier announcement, the company is pushing out an update to the application that allows users to make the calls in an easier way.

With the latest Skype app update, the person who initiated a group call doesn’t necessarily have to stay on the call for it to continue, others can continue the call even if the person who initiated the call hangs up.

Now, the ‘Call Phones’ tab will be called ‘Calls’ tab. “From there, you’ll have access to fast, simple one-tap calling of all types-free Skype-to-Skype audio or video calls, as well as calls to mobile or landline numbers that require you to use Skype Credit,” the company said in its official blog post. This update will first be rolled out to the Android version of the app, followed by iOS thereafter.
The company further said that purchasing Skype credit will be made easier with the update as well.

Skype users will now get the options of leaving voicemail as a video or chat message, integrated natively into the chat, when they try to place calls to a person or a group. However, the company said that it is removing the custom voicemail greetings, email notifications, and SMS transcription from the app with this update.