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Visit Website: Simplyfresh.co.in

Simply Fresh produces highly nutritious and totally pesticide-free leafy greens (15+ varieties),micro-greens (40+ varieties), edible flowers etc.

Welcome to the fresh food people of India, we’re working to bring you fresh ideas and the freshest produce from our farms, If you’re looking for toxins & pesticide free produce, reliability, quality, service, competitive pricing & experience – we bring it!

Simply Fresh India harmoniously combines the best of technologies, quality seeds and international farm practices (Australia and New Zealand) for the production.

Service and the production of premium quality produce delivered through sustainable growing practices.

Quality and freshness doesn’t come easy, which is why we are working round the clock to get you the premium quality food, which deservers each of you.

We produce at our climate controlled greenhouses located in Shameerpet, Hyderabad. We meet-in-total the high quality demands of the global markets 365 days.

Our soilless farming practices are totally free of toxins & pesticides. Our robust cold-chain offers door-delivery service. The fresh, clean & nutritious produce are harvested at 3am (early hours), packed and sent to the airport for dispatch to the designated point.

Visit Website: Simplyfresh.co.in

We put lot of efforts in checking the quality of fresh food and placing it in the optimal conditions to protect its flavour, freshness and texture.

Simply Fresh produces highly nutritious and totally pesticide-free leafy greens (15+ varieties), vine crops, micro-greens (40+ varieties), edible flowers, strawberries, ready to eat salad boxes and ginger for export.

High-quality seeds sourced from all over the world for the production at our own farms in Shameerpet, Hyderabad.

Our farms are HACCP Certified, and holistically leverage on soilless farming.

Our produce meet-in-total the taste, quality and aesthetic expectations of chefs and culinary experts.

At all steps in the supply chain, we ensure the food is not damaged by excessive heat or cold to maintain quality for our customers.

Everything we harvest is stored straight away at the correct temperature until it is dispatched in temperature controlled trucks and by controlling temperature from start to finish we can assure the fruits and vegetables are arriving in the store at right condition.

Visit Website: Simplyfresh.co.in

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