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Sennheiser Partners Samsung to Bring Its 3D Audio Ambeo Earbuds to Android


Just like 3D video, 3D audio is fast becoming a thing in the tech world. So much so, that Sennheiser decided to launch its Ambeo Smart Surround earbuds at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. These earbuds were capable of recording 3D audio – which essentially is a technique to capture sound as close to the way you would hear it in real life – and were compatible only with iPhones on launch. Now, a fresh report states that Sennheiser is working with Samsung to bring these earbuds to Android.

The Korea Herald reports that Sennheiser CEO Andreas Sennheiser confirmed this partnership at the IFA press conference in Portugal. “We are working with Samsung on the Ambeo smart headset to make it available for Android devices. A dominant layer of the smartphone market is Android-based phones,” the report quotes CEO Sennheiser.

The Ambeo Smart Surround earbuds come with two microphones to record audio. Sennheiser stressed at the event that the new earbuds will offer 3D audio experience and is ideal for VR videos. With Android smartphones raking up a big share in the market, it is only strategic for Sennheiser to want to make its 3D audio-capable earbuds Android compatible.

Also, it’s not such an uncommon fact that Apple is not so sold on the idea of VR, not as much as other Android OEMs like Google, Samsung, HTC, and more. These earbuds are ideal for experiencing VR content, and Sennheiser would want to tap the market where there is potential. Partnering with Samsung is also ideal, as it one of the biggest Android makers pushing VR content in the recent times.