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Schezwan Chakli


Chakli is an all time favourite Gujarati snack, which is best enjoyed with a cup of hot tea. However, here is a dish made using chakli and everyone’s favourite French fries and we are sure it will surprise your taste buds. All you need to do is fry some chaklis and frozen fries, and add a mixture of jalapeno cheese sauce, yellow or cheddar cheese sauce, tamarind sauce, schezwan sauce and some processed cheese.

60 gm French fries
5 gm cheese sauce
3 gm chaat masala
20 ml refined oil
10 gm jalapeno cheese sauce
1 pinch salt
15 gm tamrind chutney
20 ml schezwan sauce
60 gm chakli
5 gm grated cheese cubes

Step 1
To begin making this tangy snack recipe, heat refined oil in a skillet and fry frozen fries in it. Once the fries are golden and crisp, shift them to a bowl and drizzle salt.

Step 2
In another bowl, add tamarind sauce or chutney, chaat masala, grated cheese cubes, cheese sauce (cheddar), schezwan sauce and jalapeno cheese sauce. Stir to mix well.

Step 3
Add fried chakli to the sauce mix and mix well. Layer these chaklis on the fries. Here, you have your ‘Schezwan Chakli’ and enjoy with a glass of your favourite fizz.