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Samsung’s New Power Delivery Chip Promise Secure 100W Charging Speeds


Slow charging smartphones have been a thing of the past since most manufacturers have switched to fast charging. Samsung, it seems wants to speed things up even further and has now announced two USB Type-C power delivery controllers, SE8A and MM101. With these new power delivery controllers, Samsung claims that power chargers will be able to communicate with the device and deliver the right amount of power. This will enable the power charger to deliver the higher possible power to the smartphone, helping it charge quickly without harming the device.

The new SE8A and MM101 Samsung chips have an embedded Flash (eFlash), which allows these chips to be updated to meet new charging specifications. Both chips are also capable of delivering 100W of power (20V/5A) and meet the USB-PD 3.0 specifications. According to Samsung, the SE8A is the first power delivery controller in the industry to embed Secure Element which adds an extra layer of security. The SE8A provides security key storage, and can encode and decode sensitive data on the smartphone. The SE8A also supports the USB Type-C Authentication, an authentication program for USB chargers and devices that prevents misuse of unapproved products.

The MM101 chip supports a symmetric encryption algorithm, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is used for product authentication. The MM101 chip also includes moisture sensing to ensure safer charging conditions.

Since these new chips support up to 100W of input, these controllers can be used in a variety of device other than smartphones such as tablets, monitors, and laptops. Both also provide over-voltage protection for additional safety.

The Samsung MM101 is currently sampling and the SE8A is in mass production. With 100W charging speeds, long charging times could soon be a thing of the past.