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Samsung to start selling Gear 360 from 29 April in select countries; Korean prices out


Samsung revealed launch dates of the Gear 360 at Samsung’s Developer Conference. The spherical device with front and rear cameras will be available in some countries from April 29. The device will roll out for all markets at an unspecified date. Gear 360 will initially release in South Korea with a price of 399,000 won, which is roughly Rs. 23,300.

The camera is actually two cameras in one, with two F2.0 fisheye lenses and two 15 megapixel CMOS sensors. There are two shooting modes, dual mode uses both lenses, and single mode uses only one. The cameras can shoot videos, photos and time lapse videos. Movie recording is supported up to 3840×1920 at 30 FPS and still captures up to 7776×3888 pixels.

The camera is powered by a 1350mAh battery. It has 1GB of RAM and supports up to 200GB of expandable storage with the MicroSD card slot. Gear 360 can interface with other devices over Bluetooth and WiFi. The image processor used is a DRIMe5s. Movies are recorded using the H.265 codec, in MP4 format and photos are stored in JPEG.

The camera can be used to take still 260 degree panoramas, but the camera is made to produce 360 degree videos for VR headsets. Samsung Gear VR headset, Samsung Gear 360, Galaxy S6 and Note phones are all parts of Samsung’s VR offerings.