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Samsung ‘Project V’ Foldable Smartphone Spotted in Leaked Images


Samsung’s plans to launch a foldable smartphone have been rumoured for years, and the company recently confirmed it had plans to launch it in 2018. In the meanwhile, leaked images of an alleged foldable smartphone prototype from the South Korean giant have appeared. The leaked images of the handset, dubbed ‘Project V’, suggest that the company had experimented with a foldable phone a few years back, and ultimately chose to scrap the project.

As per the latest images leaked by a tipster on Twitter, spotted by Slashleaks, Samsung’s foldable phone was known by the codename Project V and it has been cancelled now. As seen in the images, the Samsung’s handset appears to be quite similar to the ZTE Axon M that comes with a dual-screen design. Additionally, the design of the smartphone resembles the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5. Similar to the Axon M, the Project V handset’s main base is thicker than the flip-out screen.

Unlike flexible displays that most would imagine a ‘foldable phone’ to be, the Samsung handset features a clamshell design with two different displays that appears to show two home pages simultaneously when flipped open. The handsets are seen to be attached by a hinge when viewed front on, and as mentioned, the foldable phone was dubbed ‘Project V’ and bore a SM-G929F model number. The model number suggests that the phone could have been in the same group as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S7, so the phone was likely under development roughly around 2015 or 2016. One can also spot an old Google Play icon in one of the images.

If the details are true, the Samsung handset was clearly cancelled a long time ago and is unlikely to show what the company could be working on right now. There is no information on why the project was cancelled.

To recall, some previous reports had claimed that the foldable smartphone will debut at MWC 2019 in Barcelona. Also, the price of the handset is expected to be as high as KRW 2 million (roughly Rs. 1,25,000).