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Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds shown off in leaked photos


Samsung looks set to launch a pair of activity tracking wireless earbuds called Gear IconX.

Revealed from the same insider that has seemingly given us our first look at the Gear Fit 2, the Korean tech giant had trademarked the IconX name earlier this year and this is the clearest evidence yet that it wants a piece of the hearables action.

It doesn’t take very long to see where Samsung got some inspiration for the design. Like the Bragi Dash, the Gear IconX will be a fitness tracker and music player in one minus the trailing wires.

It’s expected to feature touch controls and will come with a dust and water resistant design. There’s also going to be 4GB of onboard storage to pile on your music and a charging case to keep them powered on the move.

There’s no other details on what else it might be packing, but we wouldn’t be all that surprised to see a heart rate monitor and a host of motion sensors crammed in there as well.

It’s been no big secret that Samsung has had its eye (and ears) on hearables. Photos of the Samsung Earcle hearable recently popped up in FCC documents although that was more of a smart earbud geared towards playing music, handling hands free messages and enhancing call quality.

The Gear IconX looks like it’s going to be one for the fitness lovers and we’d put good money on it being officially unveiled alongside the second gen Gear Fit fitness tracker sometime later this year.