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Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature Can Reportedly Be Bypassed With a Photo


After a major smartphone is launched and more people get their hands on the device, interesting bits of information about the device’s features start popping up. It has turned out the same way for Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone as the facial recognition feature, an important security element, on the device can reportedly be fooled and bypassed using just the picture of the user.

YouTube account iDeviceHelp has posted a video, sourced by @marcianophone that is claimed to show the Galaxy S8’s facial recognition feature can be fooled just by using the image of the user.

In the video, the user simply takes another smartphone with user’s picture on it and takes it slowly moves it towards the Galaxy S8 to unlock the device. The ease with which the user was able to unlock the device should pose a concern for the users despite other ways of securing the device.

Even though biometric security features have been found to be vulnerable to hackers earlier as well, Samsung has pitched facial recognition along with the iris scanner as secure authentication features that help you enhance the protection of your device. It true, the video could prove the South Korean company wrong.

As the company has already received relentless criticism for the lack of user safety due to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung would not want the user security offered by devices to come in question as well. Considering that the product has still not been launched and the company might improve the facial recognition with software updates going ahead, we will have to wait and see how this feature develops going forward.