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Samsung Galaxy A-Series Smartphone Names for 2020 Revealed in EUIPO Trademark Filing


Samsung has filed for nine trademarks which might be a hint on the naming scheme the company may decide to give to its Galaxy A-series smartphones in 2020. Considering the fact that the recent flurry of Galaxy A-series smartphones have been immensely popular with the consumers in India as well as abroad and also the devices being a profit draw for the company, this move seems pretty logical on the part of Samsung for preparing well in advance. It appears that after moving from the Galaxy A5-style nomenclature to the Galaxy A50-style nomenclature in 2019, the company will be introducing the Galaxy A51-style nomenclature in 2020.

If you were thinking about what Samsung will decide to call the successors of Galaxy A-series smartphones in 2020, looking at the trademarks might have provided an answer. Spotted by LetsGoDigital, South Korean technology giant Samsung has requested for no less than nine trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). All the names point out towards the Galaxy A-series of smartphones.

The names of the all the devices that are filed for trademarks include, Samsung A11, Samsung A21, Samsung A31, Samsung A41, Samsung A51, Samsung A61, Samsung A71, Samsung A81 and Samsung A91. Moreover, the filings are classified as Class 9 that comes with the description, Smartphones; Mobile telephones; Tablet computers.

Now if these trademarks do turn out to be the real names of Galaxy A-series smartphones in 2020, then it should be pointed that this is a step in the right direction. Because if you see Galaxy A3, Galaxy A7 and so on in 2018, there successors were named Galaxy A30 ₹ 14,890 and Galaxy A70 ₹ 27,300 in 2019. Now obviously, adding one more ‘0′ to the 2020 lineup won’t make sense as it would translate into Galaxy A30 being A300, Galaxy A50 ₹ 17,799 being A500, Galaxy A70 being A700 and so on. And this would further complicate the naming scheme in the coming years. So, if these trademarks do turn out to be real, then we are just fine with it.