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Reliance Jio witnessed 50 percent jump in 4G data speeds after end of freebies


OpenSignal has observed a significant increase in Jio’s 4G data download speeds by 50 percent. The report attributes this to various causes and states that one of the major reasons for the speed boost is the start of Jio’s paid services.

Reliance Jio started monetising its services in April this year and according to an OpenSignal report, the telco has shown a 50 percent increase in its network performance. The end of Reliance Jio’s freebies and the start of its paid services is one of the major reasons for the observed increase in 4G speeds on the network, the report said.

Launched last year in September, Jio offered free unlimited calling and data schemes for its subscribers. The OpenSignal report points out that due to Jio’s free offers, over 100 million users subscribed to its services and started competing for the bandwidth that it offered. As a result, Jio users started experiencing slow network speeds and call issues as well. According to OpenSignal, “In April, most of Jio’s freebie plans ended, and customers found themselves paying for their data services. The result: Jio’s speeds have increased — not just increased, they’ve skyrocketed.”

Tracking the average 4G download speeds on Jio’s network, OpenSignal charted a graph over five three-month test periods. Inferences from the graph depict a steady rise in the telco’s 4G download speeds. OpenSignal says that after a small bump in February, Jio’s average 4G speeds fell flat around 4.2 Mbps between the March – April testing period. After the conclusion of free offers, there was a steady rise in the telcos average 4G speed till the end of July. “In the last six months, Jio’s typical 4G download has ballooned from 3.9 Mbps to 5.8 Mbps — that’s almost a 50% increase in speed, which is frankly astonishing,” OpenSignal reported.

In conclusion, the report says that Jio’s rising network speed could be contributed to a combination of factors and could be due to the upgradation of the telcos network or due to the reason that users are spending data more consciously since they are paying for the services. In a previous OpenSignal report said that Reliance Jio is capable of providing 13 times faster data speeds to its users, but fails to do so because of a high subscriber base choking the network.