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Reliance Jio Unlimited Call Restrictions Revealed: No Single Call Can Last Longer Than 5 Hours


Reliance Jio allows its subscribers to make unlimited voice calls, but the company also maintains a limit on how long a voice call between two people can last, alert users reported over the weekend. The limit on the duration of a single call is five hours, a customer representative with Reliance Jio told Gadgets 360, with another adding that after one hour itself, the caller could sometimes start to hear some “disturbances” in the connection. A third customer representative said these restrictions affect only a few customers.

While Reliance Jio permits unlimited number of voice calls on its network, the duration of any call can only be as long as five hours, the representative said. This restriction is applicable to both calls made to a Reliance Jio subscriber, and calls made to a non-Reliance Jio network, the other representative with the company said.

If the caller extends this duration, all their outgoing calls would be discontinued for the day, the representative added. To restore the service, the affected user would be required to top up their Jio account with Rs. 149, we were told.

The limit is in place to ensure that there is no misuse of the service, a person familiar with the matter told Gadgets 360. These restrictions are in line with direction from telecommunications regulator TRAI, the person said. Airtel and Vodafone also maintain some restriction on daily usage on their networks.

It needs to be pointed out that Reliance Jio doesn’t impose any restrictions on calls as long as their duration is within the limit – less than five hours long, the representative said. So for instance, you can make phone calls to ten of your friends in a day, talking to all of them for about an hour, and you would still be able to enjoy Reliance Jio’s services without any interruptions.

This is not a new restriction the company has imposed on customers, the person cited above said, disputing claims from some users that they only faced the restriction in the recent days.

In any case, the revelation comes on the heels of Reliance Jio updating its terms of conditions for the JioPhone, which it has started shipping to customers. On the website, the company explained the return policy for its feature phone handset and how often people would need to top up their phone to keep it functional.