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Reliance Jio is offering free 4G data with JioFi on exchange of old dongle, datacard or router


Reliance Jio ​has reportedly ​launched a new offer for its JioFi 4G router. The company ​has introduced a plan where customers can exchange their existing datacard, dongle or hotspot router at any Jio Digital store or Jio Care store and will get free 4G data worth Rs 2010 against the device exchanged.

Of course customers need to pay Rs 1,999 for the JioFi router and get a mandatory first recharge of Rs 408. This the Rs 309 plan along with the Rs 99 Jio Prime membership.

The customer basically gets the JioFi 4G router for free as the device exchanged offers a 100 percent value of Rs 2,010. The actual cost bared by the customer will be Rs 408.

Jio is also offering a second plan where customers get the JioFi device at Rs 1,999 and after the first mandatory recharge of Rs 408 (Rs 309 + Rs 99) get 4G data worth Rs 1,005 bringing down the effective cost to Rs 994 (Rs 1999 – Rs 1005).

These plans are said to be suited for existing dongle users as well as consumers with laptop and 2G/3G smartphones and tablets.

While Reliance Jio hasn’t officially sent a press release regarding the new plans, it has confirmed the offering on on its official Twitter account.