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Crispy Chakali


To Make crispy chakalies add 1tbs of butter to dough.  


How to stop chopped brinjals turning ...


Brinjals turn blackish, the moment you slice them; this is a natural process of oxidisation. Tips: 1. Always wash brinjals before slicing. 2. Add a tbsp. of milk to a bowl of water. 3. Add brinjal slices to the milk bowl, immediately after cutting. 4. Make sure the brinjal is completely submerged. Milk will help […]


keep your stored dough soft


 The atta dough is used almost on a daily basis in the Indian household, so homemakers often knead it in bulk and store for at least three meals. Here’s how you can keep refrigerated dough soft and fresh. 1. Always knead the dough with lukewarm water and knead it for at least 7–8 minutes for […]


Keep Your Lemons Fresh And Juicy For ...


In general, lemons become hard and dry within 7 days if they’re left in the open. If you want to keep your lemon fresh and juicy, put them in the fridge with a sealed plastic bag. Kept like this, your lemons will retain their juice and flavor for about 4 weeks.  


How to keep home made curd from turni...


Come summers and your home-made curd turns sour much too quickly. Here’s how you can restore the sweetness. Step1: First, wrap the sour dahi in a muslin cloth. Step2: Now, slowly press the muslin-dahi wrap to drain off all the water from the dahi. Step3: Unwrap the dahi and place it in a bowl. Step4: […]


Reduce Excess Salt


Excess of salt in any dish ruins it and this mistake is a very common one in all kitchens. Here’s how you can tackle this faux pas: Step1: Take a raw potato, wash and peel its skin. Step2: Cut it into two to four pieces. Step3: Add it to the gravy or dal which has […]