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Rainbow vanilla cake


Red, green, yellow and blue, this dessert recipe is brand new! This Rainbow Vanilla Cake has six exciting layers of vanilla sponge cake and vanilla icing. The big catch here is that all the main ingredients such as flour, milk, sugar, butter and eggs are easily available at any time. So you can prepare this dessert any day and anytime.

3 cup flour
125 gm butter
1 tablespoon baking powder
salt as required
60 gm powdered caster sugar
3 egg
1/4 tablespoon vanilla extract
edible food color as required

For Icing:
100 gm icing sugar
250 gm cream cheese

Step 1
Preheat the oven at gas 4/160C fan/ 180C and grease the six baking tins with butter.

Step 2
In a bowl, sieve the flour, powdered sugar, baking powder and salt. Keep this mixture aside.

Step 3
Whisk the eggs with a beater. As soon as the consistency of the eggs become double, add milk and vanilla essence and whisk it again.

Step 4
Then gradually add the mixture from the bowl and continue whisking. Whisk in one direction in order to avoid air bubbles.

Step 5
Once the batter becomes smooth, divide it into six equal parts. Add the food color to each part and mix until the desired color is obtained.

Step 6
Bake each tin for 12 minutes. Insert a toothpick in the middle of the tin to check whether the cake is baked thoroughly. Once the cakes are baked, allow them to cool on wire racks.

Step 7
Whisk the cream cheese along with vanilla extract. When a smooth consistency is obtained, gradually add the icing sugar and using the cut-fold method, sift the icing sugar.

Step 8
On a cake stand, smear a little icing in the middle and place the first layer of the cake. Now, spread a light coat of icing on the cake layer and place another layer of the cake. Repeat this for all the layers.

Step 9
As you reach the last layer, spread the icing all over the cake. Finally, decorate the cake with rainbow sprinkles. Voila, your Rainbow Vanilla Cake is ready!