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Quinoa Dosa


When health supersedes the taste, you have no choice but to give in to the cause! Here’s a delicious dish that can prepare easily at home to curb those hunger pangs while treating your taste buds. This crispy Quinoa Dosa is cooked by making a batter of quinoa, urad dal and moong dal along with a little salt and water.

1 cup quinoa
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
1/2 cup moong dal
1/2 cup urad dal
1 teaspoon salt

Step 1
To prepare this yummy dosa recipe, wash together urad and moong dal in a bowl. Next, wash quinoa with water and mix in the dal bowl. Add water in the bowl and soak the trio for up to 4 hours.

Step 2
After soaking, drain the extra water and add the mixture in a blender jar. Blend the mixture using a little water to make the batter of dosa. Add a little salt in this batter as per your taste and make a smooth dosa batter.

Step 3
After preparing the batter, heat a non-stick pan on medium flame and smear it with a little oil (You can also use a dosa tawa for making them). Using a ladle, spread the batter in the pan in a circular motion and cook for a minute. Flip the other side and smear again with a little oil. Once the dosa is cooked to a brownish hue, transfer to a plate. Repeat with the procedure to make more such dosas. Serve with sambhar and chutney.