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Pudina Mint Puri


Puri is a popular North Indian main dish which is famously paired up with aloo curry, chole and pickle. There are a variety of puris being prepared in every Indian kitchen like Palak Methi Puris, Urad Dal Puris, Plain Puris, Masala Puris etc, and one of the delicious varieties include Pudina Mint Puri recipe. This easy-to-make puri recipe is made with just three ingredients mint, wheat flour and salt that you can easily find in your kitchen.

1 cup mint
salt as required
water as required
500 gm wheat flour
refined oil as required
2 tablespoon ghee

Step 1
To start with, wash the pudina leaves under running water and grind them to a thick paste. Use a little water, if you need. Take a large bowl and combine together wheat flour, pudina paste, salt, ghee, and water. Knead a fine dough.

Step 2
Next, take out equal amount of dough and roll these dough balls in order to make small puris. Then put a kadhai on medium flame and heat oil in it.

Step 3
When the oil is hot enough, carefully put these puris in the hot oil and deep fry from both the sides until golden brown. Take them out on a plate and serve hot with your choice of curry like aloo curry and chole masala.