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Prisma app finally available on Android


The app that turn your photograph into an oil painting was initially only available for iOS users

Instagrammers using Android devices can rejoice as Prisma, the popular photo editing app that turns images into paintings, can finally be downloaded via the Google Play Store. The app has been available on iOS for a while now. The app works in a manner similar to other photo editing apps in that allow users to add a filter to their images. The twist is that Prisma’s filters turn your images into an masterpiece that resembles those of famous artists. Users have a multiple different filters to choose from, ranging from ones that resemble Picasso or Van Gogh, to ones that resemble traditional Japanese paintings. However, unlike other apps that simple add a colour filter to photograph, the company says that it alters an image by combining neural networks, with artificial intelligence to achieve the desired effect. There is also a slider that will allow the user to choose the intensity of the filter.

After finalising their creation, users can directly upload an image directly to Instagram. The app is a new and interesting twist to filters and a welcome change from the Sepia and Black-and-White filters found on most other apps. It is definitely worth a try, and at about 7MB in size, it won’t take up much space on your phone either. Prisma is compatible with Android devices running v4.1 or above.