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Portronics launches a new device that can convert hand written notes to digital text


Portable digital solutions provider Portronics on 23 May 2017 launched “Electropen 4”, a smart digital pen that lets you write on paper and then converts the text to digital for editing on a smartphone or computer.

“Electropen 4”, another device in Portronics’ existing series of digital pen series, allows a user to write on normal paper with a ball point pen refill or on smartphones, computers, tablets or any other Bluetooth device wirelessly.

A user can write notes or prepare a sketch with this electronic pen and then convert it in real-time images into a smartphone, computer or laptop using the receiver provided with it, the company said in a statement.

Eliminating the need to have a mobile device or laptop while taking notes, this Rs 6,999 device has an in-built memory that can store several A4 size pages in one go. The device also allows the user to sync or transfer the files later.

“Electropen 4” also has a microphone that allows the users to record the high-quality audio while taking notes. The device, which also comes with wired connectivity, has a Li-Polymer rechargeable battery. It is in black colour.