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Paytm Now Allows Users to Scan Third-Party QR Codes Within App


Paytm recently added the ability to send customised postcards through its platform and the company has now added support for scanning third-party QR codes within the app. This essentially means that you can now scan all kind of cards within the app instead of just scanning those cards that were meant specifically for use within Paytm.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, Paytm said, “Now, Scan any third-party QR code using the “Scan” button on your Paytm App. Check it out!” While some smartphones already offer QR code scanning feature through their built-in camera app, this feature definitely adds more value to the Paytm app.

Apart from the postcards, the company recently also introduced its Paytm Automatic feature to the Android version of its app. With this feature, users can set a particular amount as a minimum balance for the wallet and also set the recharge amount whenever the balance dips below the minimum. This would essentially top-up the user’s balance whenever it’s running low. The amount will be added once a day, and in case the wallet balance exceeds the monthly usage limit, the amount will be added the month after.

The Paytm users on Android can also check out the order summary screen when they recharge or pay a bill to enable automatic payments through the app. Deepak Abbot, Senior Vice President at Paytm, said in a tweet reply that the new Paytm Automatic feature will make its way to the iOS version of the app in around three weeks.