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Panasonic launches Rs.12,999 headphones for music lovers


Panasonic India on Monday launched a new headphone with a “swing-arm” system that supports “free-style monitoring” for music enthusiasts and disc jockeys (DJs). The Rs.12,999 “DJ-1200” headphones are equipped with 41 mm driver with neodymium magnets to provide rich-listening experience around all types of music.

“With its superior audio and high-frequency range, we assure you that you will never miss a beat. So whatever is your musical taste, these headphones will present your tracks with unbeatable clarity,” said Gaurav Ghavri, product head at Panasonic India, in a statement. The headphones comes with 24K gold plated plug and a long copper-clad aluminum wire.

“DJ-1200” also comes with a convenient folding design, allowing you to easily pop it in the carry couch that comes with it. Easy to wear, the headphones feature a wide and comfortable padded headband for a perfect fit. The headphones also have reversible housing allowing single-side monitoring.