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Opera 60 ‘Reborn 3’ Browser for Desktop Brings Dark Theme, Web 3 Support, Crypto Wallet


Opera has released Opera 60, internally calling it Reborn 3, packed with new features like built-in cryptocurrency wallet, and Web 3 browsing capacities. The new Opera browser comes with a new UI that allows for currency conversion, easy access of snapshot, ability to use messengers in the side bar, a light and dark theme, more personalised customisation. The Settings menu has options for easy import from old browsers, and also comes with improved VPN and ad-blocker. The new Opera Reborn 3 browser is available for all Windows, Mac and Linux users for download.

Starting with the UI, Opera Reborn 3 removes the dividing lines between sections, and brings light and dark themes as well. The dark theme minimises the light in a photo, while retaining contrast. The tabs have also been redesigned, and Easy Setup and Snapshot options have also been moved to the access bar for easy access. Snapshot has been placed next to other Web browsing functionalities such as ‘Send to My Flow’ and bookmarks.

As mentioned, Opera 60 aka Reborn 3 brings improvements to its built-in VPN service and its ad-blocking feature as well. It also brings Web 3 browsing support that is essentially an umbrella term used for a set of emerging technologies intersecting cryptocurrencies, blockchains and distributed systems. The Web 3 explorer feature in Opera 60 also lets you access applications on the Ethereum blockchain also known as dApps aka Decentralised apps. Users can explore Web 3 by entering the address of a Web 3 application into the search bar.

The Reborn 3 browser brings a fully functional built-in Crypto Wallet to Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, signing off payments will still require fingerprint or facial authentication on Android phones. Opera says that the desktop wallet syncs with the Crypto Wallet on Android, but assures that the keys owned by users are stored locally on their Android handset. Further, the Crypto Wallet by the company supports both tokens and collectibles.

The full changelog has been listed on the official website, and the download links for Opera 60 aka Reborn 3 are available on the blog page.