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Opera 41 for Desktop Released, Claims Faster Startup Times Even When Restoring Multiple Tabs


All of us have been in the frustrating situation where we have to wait for browsers to load up previously loaded pages when they are opened again after a crash. Most browsers take up a ridiculously long time to load the pages and sometimes make us miss our deadlines. Now, there might be a browser to the rescue. Opera claims that the latest version of its desktop browser, v41, has a ‘smart startup sequence’ apart from faster startup times, is able to load the previously visited pages at a much faster rate than earlier.

The Opera 41 for desktop is available for download from its official website.

In company’s testing, it found that Opera 41 was able to show up to 86 percent improvement in both cold start and warm start startup time, compared to its previous version. This improvement was seen when more than 42 tabs were opened in the previous session. Notably, an improvement of more than 50 percent was still seen when only 10 tabs were opened in browser’s prior session.
“Opera 41 includes a new, smarter startup sequence that cuts away almost all the wait time, no matter how many tabs you open on startup,” the company said in its blog post.

Apart from faster loading times, the new version of Opera’s desktop browser also comes with features such as hardware-accelerated video pop-out in order to avoid extensive CPU usage on low-end PCs. Opera 41 comes with a personalised newsreader and other battery-saving features.

“When using battery saving mode, Opera now detects which video codec can be hardware-accelerated and tries to choose that codec when doing video conferencing via WebRTC (this includes services such as Google Hangouts). This should save a lot of CPU and battery for our laptop-using, video-conferencing hobnobbers out there,” Opera said.