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NVIDIA launches Star Wars Collector’s Edition Titan Xp GPUs


The new Star Wars edition GPUs from NVIDIA will be running the same high end GPU underneath different shrouds.

Currently, the best GPU in the market for consumers is the NVIDIA Titan Xp, priced at Rs. 98,000. If this falls in your budget and you are a Star Wars fan then there is a new, much cooler Collector’s Edition available as well. It is the new Star Wars Collector’s Edition and it will be available in two variants keeping in line with the two sides of LucasArts’ franchise. One comes in red led lighting representing the Galactic Empire and the other comes in green led lighting to represent the Jedi Order. Both cards come in different finishes on the shrouds and in the box you will also get a metal badge with the insignia of your preferred alliance.

The two cards differ on the outside further as the Galactic Empire version features a simple, clean, high end look emulating the resource-richness of the Empire. The red lighting on the shroud, carries forward to the blower style fan as well. In contrast, the one Jedi Order version has a more battle worn finish to it. It uses an aluminum shroud, which has been subjected to extensive, corrosive salt spray. Both versions will have the Star wars backplate.


In addition, both variants will carry the logo type as well as the logo of the faction you prefer NVIDIA will ship both these cards in different packaging as well, completing the whole “collector” experience. The dark side version comes in a black coloured box and the one with the Galactic empire comes packed in a box with a white paint job.

On the performance side, we have the same updated specifications as the normal Titan Xp (2017). You get the same powerful GP102 GPU offering 3840 NVIDIA Cuda cores and offering a boost clock of 1582MHz. There are 240 texture units and comes with 96 ROPs enabled. The video card carries a massive 12GB GDDR5X vRAM wirh a memory speed of the 11.4 Gbps. It uses 384-bit bus and has memory bandwidth of 547.2 GB/s.

The NVIDIA Star wars Collector’s Edition Titan Xp is now available for pre-order US, United Kingdom, France and Germany and the card will broadly available after November 17th, just a month before the release of the movie – Star Wars: The Last Jedi.