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Noria: A smart compact AC that can fit on any window


Appliances are becoming smarter and more efficient. Be it TVs, washing machines and even coffee makers. However the air-conditioner is probably one of the few appliances that hasn’t seen anything dramatic, until now. A new start-up has created a sleek looking air-conditioner that is not only smart but is also quite easy to install.


The Noria air-conditioner has a compact design and measures at just 5.8″x 18.25″x 5″ with a weight of 30 pounds, which means that it occupies almost half of a traditional window AC. It comes with its own window mount and can easily slide in or out without the need of special tools. This makes installation a lot less complicated and removing or moving to a different room possible. A single unit has the capacity to cool a room of up to 160 square feet and two of them can cool a 330 square feet room. There is a single knob on the front that lets you control all of its functions. There is also an app for the Noria so you can make adjustments right from your smartphone.

The secret behind the compact design is the way how the Noria cools the room. Instead of blowing air straight and parallel to the ground, it directs all the cool air towards the ceiling of the room. This helps to create a convective cycle that makes sure that the room is cooled evenly.

The Noria is a Kickstarter project and is pledging for $299 (Rs 20,000 approx.) per person to reach a target of $250,000 (Rs 1,65,00000). If the company manages to reach its target, it will start shipping it to its first set investors by March 2017.