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Motorola Moto X leak hints at all-metal body, bigger camera


The next Moto X is coming, and it is believed to be decked up in all metal. So, prolific and once-retired tipster Evleaks as well as HelloMotoHK have posted pictures of the upcoming device.

The pictures hint at an all-metal body, a large camera assembly and also rear-facing speakers. Interestingly, the smartphone will come under Lenovo’s hood. So, that quite explains the move from the usual front-facing speaker design that Motorola is known for. Apart from the all-metal design that comes as a big improvement, the bottom bezel is large enough to accommodate a fingerprint-scanner. Also visible is a strange looking set of connectors (16 pins) on the back which could hint at some interesting add-on accessories at launch.

The feature that lets users wave their hand over the display to turn it on may also return. The images also hint at a laser auto focusing mechanism.

Last month, as revealed by mobipicker, the benchmark listing showed a handset called the Motorola XT1650, which packs in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM. Also revealed through the benchmark was the Android version that the smartphone is being tested with and that would be Android 6.0.1. Also revealed were the Geekbench scores. The Moto X scores performed fairly well with a 2309 single core score and 5344 multi-core points, which is pretty much the standard stuff that we have come to expect from flagship smartphones these days.